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I am an ardent feminist and in 1986 after hearing Marija Gimbutas, the archeologist and linguist speak and having read her books, I have incorporated many of her ideas and symbols from the era of the Goddess, into my art. The Woman Warrior series was also inspired by my admiration for humanist and feminist ideals.

The symbols in my work have been used in countries all over the world. Many of them have decorated artifacts for tens of thousands of years. Some are symbols for the Goddesses of fertility and creativity and some are symbols for water, the source of all life. Others denote death and regeneration. I created one symbol that I’ve used in my work over and over again and that’s the Woman Warrior symbol.

Most of these concepts seem to have been the first ideas of spirituality and tribal living that human beings conceived. They show how long ago we were able to imagine symbols for concepts. And they were in part, the very beginnings of language as we know it. Although they are cryptic they evoke emotions beyond the reach of words.

I believe that the message of these ancient symbols is that, contrary to the opinions of some, there is only one race on our planet, the human race, and that we all share the same beginnings and basic spiritual yearnings.

My current Invocation series reflects my delight in the beauty and diversity of the universe. After reading that there are 125 billion galaxies I was inspired to imagine what some of them might look like so I have painted and made sculpture of them. I also have painted Skies of Elsewhere and Planetscapes as part of the series.

I am always in awe of the beauty of nature, the colors and shapes of flowers, seashells, the things we have found in outer space, our bodies, everything including how wonderfully it all works.

The one thing that puzzles me and always has, is human nature and why it doesn’t work as beautifully as everything else. Why we seem to need to have conflict of one kind or another. But then I think of disease and tornados and hurricanes and volcanoes and I suppose that’s all part of the universe too. Conflict seems to be at the heart of everything.