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My work is about hope. It's about praying in a spiritural but secular way. It's about bringing a balance of male/female energy and intelligence back into the world. We need this kind of balanced power in order to save the planet and ourselves.

Much of my work of the past 17 years is based on the findings of Marija Gimbutas the archeologist and linguist who taught at UCLA and Harvard.

In all my work I use my vocabulary of symbols in the hope of touching emotions beyond the reach of words.

The symbols in my work come from all over the world. Many of them have decorated artifacts for tens of thousands of years. They denote fertility, water - the source of all life, creativity and death & regeneration. They show how long we have been able to imagine symbols and concepts. I believe, along with Gimbutas, that they were in part the very beginnings of language as we know it. I believe that the message of these ancient symbols is that there is only one race on our planet, the human race, and that we all share the same spiritual yearnings.

I love making art. I have produced art in various media; paint, glass, bronze, marble, found objects and other materials and processes. I enjoy every part of it. It's exciting when a new idea presents itself. It's wonderful to play with it; to invent new ways to work with it; choose the colors, materials, sizes and whatever else goes into it. Making art is intuitive, intellectual, physical and emotional. I use all my talents and abilities in the process and that makes it a very satisfying experience.