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The Woman Warrior is a symbol for all women. She is not a warrior who goes to battle in the usual sense, but rather, she fights against poverty, prejudice, abuse, sexism, racism, agism, etc.with integrity, courage and spirit to overcome her problems, protect her loved ones and make the world a better place for all.
The Goddess Redux series is a prayer to the Goddess (the feminine in the universe) to bring peace, abundance and healing to our planet. It is also a plea to my fellow humans to consider the survival and fulfillment of the generations to come.

At present I'm working on a series called Invocations '98. These pieces are a cosmological fantasy. I also continue to add pieces to three other series which are called Goddess Redux, Death & Regeneration and Woman Warrior.
The Death & Regeneration series is about conscious living / conscious dying, reincarnation, metamorphosis, and/or whatever the viewer wishes to bring to it.
My work is about hope. It's about praying in a spiritual but secular way, bringing a balance of male/female energy and intelligence back into the world. We need this kind of balanced power in order to save the planet and ourselves.



This series was inspired by books, plays and poems I have read and seen. Works that have inspired me humanistically.



The Fetishes are inspired by spirit. Their purpose is to let the spirit speak in visual terms.



The bronzes are a more permanent way of expressing what the symbols say.



I spent 12 years working on this series of fiber pieces. The Songs of Sorrow pieces were done shortly after my husbands death. This work was healing. I had a solo exhibition of these works at the Brand Gallery in Glendale, California and another solo exhibition at the Institute of American Indian Arts. There are many, many more pieces in this series.



.....And much much more
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